Business Navigation Services

Through the BAC, we have a Business Navigation Team that is designed to guide new and existing business owners through the process of securing development project approvals, such as federal, state and local permitting and licensing requirements. Our Team is available for complimentary consultations to discuss and understand a business’s technical needs, such as what building permits or zoning approvals are needed for a business to grow or expand. During a consultation initiated by the BAC, you can expect us to:

  • Listen to your proposed business plan and review requirements for obtaining a business license, zoning approvals and/or building permits
  • Provide an overview of the City’s development process
  • Be your one-stop shop for trouble-shooting any questions you may have with Planning & Zoning, Public Works, Utilities Services and Building Department
  • Work with your development team to identify and resolve any issues to ensure a project remains on schedule

Ready for us to guide you through the technical processes of opening or expanding your business in Palm Coast? Contact us today by setting up a consultation.

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