City Bids Open Week of August 12

This week at the City of Palm Coast, there are 9 bids open.

Through bids and quotes, the City purchases a wide variety of supplies, materials, equipment and services using competitive requests.

For bids: The City uses an online bidding system, called Bonfire, to publish and receive formal bids and proposals. As a business, registering as a vendor on Bonfire will enable you to receive email notifications when a contract within your commodity comes open for bid. To register as a vendor or see the latest bids, visit

This week at the City, the following bids are open:

Ref. # Project
Managed SCADA Systems for Utilities
F-Section Concrete Ditch Replacement
Street Resurfacing Laboratory Services
RFSQ-CD-19-62 Geo-technical and Laboratory Services
RFSQ-CD-19-59 Traffic Engineering Services
RFSQ-CD-19-70 City Wide Civil Engineering Services
ITB-UT-19-74 Testing of Revenue and Well Meters
RFSQ-CD-19-80 Minor Pipe Services
RFSQ-CD-19-58 / ITB-CD-19-58 Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation Services

For quotes: The City uses the GovQuote web tool to secure quotes for goods and services. This site is not used for bids, only for the collection of quotes for goods and services. Please register to ensure you receive notification for all requests for quotes at Registration and use of GovQuote is a free service to secure quotes that do not require a Formal Quote or Bid Process.

Local business preference: As a local business, competitive offers are awarded to the lowest responsive and responsible offer. Vendors located within the City of Palm Coast limits can be awarded a solicitation if their cost if within a 3%-5% (depending on amount) and up to total of $20,000. If no vendors with a local business address respond to a City solicitation, preference is then given to vendors/contractors within Flagler County

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