City of Palm Coast creates Innovation District for downtown Town Center area

In 2018, the City of Palm Coast's Community Redevelopment Agency created an Innovation District as part of a review of Town Center, located in the Community Redevelopment Area (CRA).

The area has been largely infrastructure-ready for several years, and yet, the vision for Town Center had never fully been realized. In over a 10-year period, Town Center had only reached a 17-percent developed threshold as of the beginning of 2018.

Yet, with a fresh look at the area and new approach, the Agency made developing Town Center a high priority.

Through research and analysis, the Agency found that an Innovation District would not only be a great fit for growing Town Center, but also would be economically, socially, and culturally viable for the future for Palm Coast.

As defined by the Brookings Institute, an Innovation District, "facilitates the creation and commercialization of new ideas and support for economies by growing jobs in ways that leverage their distinct economic attributes."

For Palm Coast, the City plans to build on the Innovation District vision by leveraging proximity, density, authenticity and fostering it to become an experiential-living hub where our residences can live, work and play.

The Innovation District is centrally-located in the urban core of Town Center. To kick start forward-thinking residential and non-residential developments within this area, it has been designated as an Opportunity Zone and a part of the Innovation Kick Start Program.

For more information, contact Wynn Newingham, City of Palm Coast Head of Innovation & Economic Growth, at and 386-986-3779.

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