4 Ways to Celebrate Entrepreneurship Week (Feb 16 - 23) in Palm Coast

Starting this Saturday, February 16, the Palm Coast Business Assistance Center is joining a national movement in celebrating entrepreneurship for National Entrepreneurship Week - and we want you to join us!

We've come up with 5 easy ways to celebrate this federally-recognized holiday, including:

1. Get to know our local heroes and say thank you.

So what's an entrepreneur anyway? Entrepreneurs are

  • business owners who work towards the ultimate goal of making a profit
  • while often being involved in taking great risk and uncertainty
  • while simultaneously working to overcome challenges and manage multiple aspects of the business's operation

Whew - that's a lot! Entrepreneurs get to oversee the many facets of running a business. They work hard day in and day out - while on top of supplying almost half the jobs in the US, helping lower community taxes, and supplying the goods and services we get to know and love. As risk takers who are dedicated to their product or service, they truly stand as heroes of the community.

Can you think of at least one hero in our community? Why not send them a thank you note, make a shout out to them on social media or make a special effort to connect with them this week. As a hero, they often times do a thankless job and could use a little kindness (just like everyone else!).

2. Be local, buy local.

When you shop local, you're helping our local entrepreneurs - also known as our friends, families and neighbors. Local businesses are often run by the people you know and their profits generally go right back into the community - paying for the family groceries, dance lessons, sports fees, the family car and other such things.

In addition to supporting local entrepreneurs, when you eat at restaurants, shop in stores and buy your gas in Palm Coast, a portion of the sales tax collected is returned to our community. This is an easy way for the community to fund new parks, street improvements, sidewalks and more - without taking on debt.

3.  Experience our local entrepreneurial ecosystem

Entrepreneurial ecosystems drive local economic vibrancy, innovation and economic growth. And where these ecosystems thrive are in areas that are built on connections. Local connections, as opposed to national or global contacts, are vital to an entrepreneur's success and are centered on enabling entrepreneurs to think and act together while building a robust local ecosystem in return. For Palm Coast, we have a great events like Entrepreneur Night, 1 Million Cups, and other events found on the BAC Event Page.

4. Release your inner entrepreneurial mindset

There are many misconceptions around entrepreneurship and starting a business that prohibit many from taking the next step. No, the journey ahead isn't easy, but the outcome can be truly outstanding.  At the BAC, we offer an array of business services and guidance to meet you where you are, including online tools, guides and free consultations. We'd love to help make your business idea a reality and it can all start with just on simple click here.

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