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Specialty Topics and Tools

A series of seminars providing advanced skills and tools to strengthen your business. Topics include QuickBooks™; Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights; Marketing and Social Media; and Business Strategy and Planning.

Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights

Discusses the different types of intellectual property that exist in the United States including: patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements. General techniques on marketing new ideas are also discussed.


QuickBooks™ is one of the most recognized accounting software packages available. This seminar will provide an overview of the QuickBooks™ software including setting up the business, chart of accounts, creating estimates, invoices and sales receipts, and financial reporting. Taught by a Certified QuickBooks™ Professional Advisor.

The Role of Social Media in Your Marketing Strategy

This seminar focuses on the importance of a marketing strategy and how websites and social media build upon the strategy. Participants will learn how social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube can influence your revenue model.

Designing Your Business With a 360° View

Participants will gain an understanding on how to create an attractive business idea, build a sustainable idea, build long term customer relations, and develop effective business operations. This seminar is designed for business owners and entrepreneurs interested in understanding how the four (4) fundamental challenges that any business faces affects profitability and growth.

Emerging Business Series

A series of seminars designed to provide the necessary skills for those entrepreneurs interested in starting and running a business. Topics include: Managing the Start; Sales and Marketing; Finance and Accounting; Employment Law and Workplace Safety; and Legal Matters - organizational structure, taxes, recordkeeping, and insurance. If you have less than 2 years in business, this series is for you.

Managing the Start

Designed to help entrepreneurs understand what it takes to start a business in Flagler County. Topics include registration, licenses, permits, business plan, and legal forms of business. We will also discuss the importance of building your brand, advertising and social media.

Sales and Marketing

This is a two part series designed to help entrepreneurs how to differentiate products and services from the competition, focus on their customer, understand the difference between marketing and advertising and the role of social media, and developing a sales/business strategy and plan.

Finance and Accounting

This is a 2 part series describing sources of capital, the lending process and requirements, QuickBooks™ overview and importance of financial reports

Business Liability and Legal Issues

This is a 2 part series designed to help entrepreneurs understand commercial liability, employment law, legal structure for the business, workplace safety, and other relevant legal topics.

Government Contracting Series

Introduction to Federal Government

Designed to help participants understand the Federal procurement process. Topics include Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), acquisition principles, definitions, ethics, contract clauses, procurement methods, contract types, socio-economic programs, and marketing.

Contracting with the Army (not currently available in Flagler County)

Presented by a Senior Army Contracting Command Small Business Advocate, this seminar will provide valuable information on doing business with the Army. Addresses existing contract programs within the Army and special techniques and strategies for marketing to the Army.

GSA Schedules

This seminar provides an overview of the General Services Administration (GSA), who they are, and how they buy. This seminar will define Federal Supply and Multiple Award Schedules, and will assist with determining if a schedule is right for you, how to submit an offer, and how to administer the contract after the award

Business Management Series

These seminars are designed for those in business more than 2 years and who have a working knowledge of business operations.

Defining Your Strategy

This seminar designed to help businesses find, develop. Execute, and measure those activities which will lead to business success.

Understanding Profit

This seminar is designed to help businesses understand the impact of business process and decision-making on the company's P&L. Some materials and videos used are from Profit Mastery

Marketing, Sales, and Social Media

This 2 part seminar is designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs understand the connection between marketing, sales, and social media. Build your sales plan including promotional and pricing strategies.

Lean for Business

This seminar focuses on Lean tools in eliminating waste and non-value added activities while improving efficiency and profitability. Lean adopts a customer centric focus examining for value and benefit. Lean tools to be presented include Value Stream Mapping, 5S, Standardized Work, Zero Defects, and Six Sigma.

Plans and Budgets

This seminar is designed to help businesses the contribution margin of every product or service sold. Participants will build their Sales and Expense budgets and will understand how overhead allocation strategies impact margins.

Business Growth Workshops

Closing the Execution Gap - FranklinCovey®

This two session seminar will help participants acquire the tools and learn the skills to getting the most important things done - systematically and routinely. You will learn the discipline of getting things done, thus improving employee and business results. Closing the Execution Gap is a powerful tool that exposes the core issues that derail an organization's productivity and results.

Strategic Planning Analysis - GrowthWheel®

This 2 session workshop helps participants understand organization strengths and weaknesses in achieving goals and objectives as elements of an overall business strategy. Whether your goal is improving financial performance or growing your business nationally or internationally, you'll analyze your business using GrowthWheel's™ tools and methodologies. Every business addresses the same four challenges - how these challenges are addressed is different for every business.

Sales and Marketing - The Power of Two

Understanding the Profit Drivers of Your Business

Lean Principles to Improve Customer Service and Profitability

Special Events

Women in Business

A lunch n' learn training and networking event designed to showcase the talents of local women executives. Each event is highlighted by a brief presentation by a woman executive followed by a question and answer period to further explore the topics presented.

Business Outreach

A network and training event designed to bring minority business entrepreneurs and executive together to discuss topics of interest to growing their businesses. This event may be a panel discussion or short presentation on marketing, business operations, customer service, or other relevant topic.

Home Based Businesses

A network and training event designed to bring business owners, working from their homes, together to discuss the unique challenges in running a business from the home. Program will bring together resource partners to discuss solutions to the unique challenges faced by home based businesses.

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